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2003 Racing - See Stats at Bottom


ACDelco Dakota Flat Track @ Minot and
Aero Dragracing @ Harvey:
Minot: May 30-June 1
Minot: June 6-8 (Double points) 
Harvey: June 14-15
Minot: June 20-22 (IHRA Wild Card Race)
Minot: June 27-29
Minot: July 11-12
Minot:  August 8-10 (Double points)
Minot: August 29-September 1 (Motor Magic)
Harvey: September 6-7
Minot:  September 12-14 (Rain Date)
May 31: Paul, Jackpot Win
              Arv, Jackpot R-Up
Jun 1:  Arv, Points R-Up
Jun 7: Jim, Jackpot Win
Jun 8: Rained Out
Jun 21: Jim, IHRA Jackpot Win
Jun 21: Arv, IHRA Jackpot R-Up
Jun 22: IHRA'd Out
Jun 28: Arv, Jackpot Win
Jun 28: Wolfman, Jackpot R-Up
Jun 28: Paul, Jackpot 2nd Rd
Jun 29: Paul, Points 2nd Rd
Jul 12: Arv, Jackpot Win
Jul 12: Wolfman, Jackpot 3rd Rd
Jul 12: Arv, Jackpot 2nd Rd
Jul 12: Paul, Jackpot 2nd Rd
Aug 2: Paul, Hazen, Win
Aug 2: Jim, Hazen, 2nd Rd
Aug 9: Arv, Jackpot 3rd Rd
Aug 9: Jim, Jackpot 2nd Rd
Aug 10: Paul, Points 3rd Rd
Aug 10: Arv, Points 2nd Rd
Aug 10: Jim, Points 2nd Rd
Aug 30: Jim, Jackpot 3rd Rd
Aug 31: Arv, MM 2nd Rd
Aug 31: Tim, MM 2nd Rd
Sep 1: Paul, Points 3rd Rd
Sep 1: Jim, Points 2nd Rd
Sep 7: Arv, Points 2nd Rd
Sep 13: Tim, Jackpot 2nd Rd
Sep 21: Tim, Estevan 2nd Rd


Who let the Hogs out?
Our Sponsors, that's Who.  THANK YOU, we can't let the Hogs out without You!
*=Tank/Trailer/Wheelie Bar Sponsor
Sponsor Key Code:

*GATES MFG, Lansford ND
*Western Paint/Benjamin Moore Paint,
*Legends, Minot=J
*Dakota Harley-Davidson, Minot=J
*Fisher Motors Inc, Minot=J
*Black Diamond Transport, Minot=W
*Prairie Federal Credit Union, Minot=W
*SunPrairie Grain, Minot=J
*Skar Construction, Kenmare=J
*Balerud Law Firm, Minot=J
*Whispers Inc, Williston=J
*Whispers Inc, Williston=A
*Ray & Billy Thomas, Minot=J
*Legends, Minot=W
*Dakota Harley-Davidson, Minot=A
*Cloverdale Foods, Minot=W
*Engh's Hardware, Sherwood=P
*AAA Heating & Air/Cond, Minot=P
*Dee's Kutting Krew, Moosomin=A
*Ray & Billy Thomas, Minot=J
*Heuer Bros, Noonan=A
*Norsemen M/C Club=J
*Ramblers M/C Club=A
*Dakota Lounge, Minot=W
*Sign Garage, Bottineau=J
*The Landing Bar & Bottle Shop, Minot=W
*Richards Refrigeration, Minot=J
*Richards Refrigeration, Minot=W
*Tofteland Harvesting, Antler=J

Dean & Dawn Godejohn, Minot=J
Red Newcomb, Minot=J
Rick & Virginia Teagle, Minot=J
Jim Donahue, Minot=J
Don Mindt, Minot=J
Mike Officer & Renee, Minot=J
Mike Officer & Renee, Minot=A
Mike Officer & Renee, Minot=W
Foxden Bar & Grill, Foxholm=J
Jack Gunsch, Minot=J
Mark Gaarder & Jeanna Hanson,
Dawn Soto & In Memory of
    Dave Wyman, Maxbass=J
Dawn Soto & In Memory of
    Dave Wyman, Maxbass=P
Dawn Soto & In Memory of
    Dave Wyman, Maxbass=A
Dawn Soto & In Memory of
    Dave Wyman, Maxbass=W
V-TWINS: Cooper & Keaton, Minot=J
V-TWINS: Cooper & Keaton, Minot=W
Don Swanson, Minot=W
In Memory of Tom Severson:
     Mary, Eric, Nicole, Minot=W
Greg Ratzlaff, Minot=J
Lehman Trucking, Kenmare=J
Fred Hankins, Parshall=W
Ina Reimann, Niceville FL=W
Jon Svingen, Glasgow MT=W
Jaeson Swanson, Ft Collins CO=W
Stuart Hardison, Minot=A
Orbit Pumping Service, Westhope=J
Tim & Boots Dornheim, Minot=J
Carol & Wes Johnson, Milaca MN=W
Robbie Boucher, Minot=J
The Ziegler Family, Minot=J
Robert Blackmore, Minot=W
Rick & Cindy Gimbel, Westhope=J
Jerry Ulberg, Minot=W
Darcy & Denise Jepsen, Max=J
Larry & Monique Jensen, Minot=J
Adam & Carla Wack, Minot=J
Gator & LaRae, Bottineau=J
E3 & ME, Minot=J
Wayne Johnson, Cando=J
Kelsey Dornheim, Minot=W
Ray Thomas, Minot=W
Brandi Schultz, Max=J
Dick & Marian Severson, Minot=J
Jim Houmann, Westhope=J
Harley Sivertson, Westhope=J
Shane May, Mohall=P
Jim Hesch, Minot=W
Steve & Debbie Woolum, Minot=W
Betty & Diane Foster, Minot=W
Dave Knudson, Minot=W
Rascal/ET, Carpio=J
Dennis & Ro Officer, Minot=J
Mark Gagner, Minot=J
Geri Newnum, Battlecreek MI=A
Dennis & Ro, Minot=J
Randy Naze, Minot=W
O'Keefe Oil, Mohall=P,J,A,W
Snowball, Berrien Ctr MI=J
Rooster, Berrien Ctr MI=J
Dirt Creek, Sudos MI=J
KB Truck Sales, Minot=J

Best Times          RT     ET       MPH
Jim   #1009        .505   6.541  110.154
Arv   #1038        .512   7.789   92.992                              
Paul   #1052       .525   6.237  108.740
Wolfman #1100      .509   6.467  112.136
Tim #1200          .500                             
********** 2003 Highlights **********
Jim took 1st place on Saturday's IHRA weekend and had the record for breaking the most chains in one day (4).  Still holds the record at DFT for Harleys running on high octane fuel
Arv ended the DFT season tying for 2nd place in points. Congratulations!
Paul recorded the DFT track record for the fastest Harley running on alcohol fuel at 6.237 ET on September 1
Wolfman recorded the fastest MPH for Harleys at DFT, hogging it up at 112.136 MPH on August 30
Tim started racing Motor Magic weekend, August 29-September 1. He recorded a perfect .500 light reaction in Harvey on September 6 
V-TWIN Performance Racing