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2000 Race Season:  Jim: 4th Place in Points Standings
2001 Race Season:  Jim: 2nd Place in Points
2002 Race Season: More power, breakdowns
2003 Race Season: Jim Tie 6th of 20
2004 Race Season: Jim Tie 5th of 21
2005 Race Season: Jim Tied for 2nd in Points
2006 Race Season: Jim Points Champ
2007 Race Season: Congrats, Rodney - 1st
                                 Congrats, Rick Grimm-2nd
                                 Congrats, Paul Dillon-3rd
                                 Congrats, Tim Bader-5th
2008 Race Season: Congrats, Dave & Iona
                                 Congrats, Tim D - 3rd
                                 Congrats, Jim - 4th
                                 Congrats, Rick - 5th
2009 Race Season: Congrats, Andy-1st
                                 Congrats, Jim-2nd
2010 Race Season: Jim 6th of 23
2011 Race Season: Minot Flood
2012 Race Season: Race officials of WMDRA  changed the index rules after we paid the entry fee! Jim qualified 1st (twice), Rick Grimm qualified 1st and placed 1st ~ Congrats!
2013 Race Season:
     Congrats~Jim 1st Place Super Gas, Sturgis
     Congrats~Terry #1 Qualifier Pro Eliminator, Sturgis
     Congrats~Mike 2-2nd Place Wins, Jamestown
     Congrats~Jim 3rd Place, Jamestown
     Congrats~Mike QuarterFinal Win, Malta

2013 Tentative Racing at Jamestown ND, Malta MT and Sturgis SD

Drag racing is so much fun it should be against the law!

Wheelie bars doing their thing!


V-TWIN Performance Racing
2601 Burdick Expy W #2
Minot ND 58701
(701) 858-0078
Fax (701) 839-8207
Jim Rick, Racer, 126" Evo Sportster
Lois Rick, Crew Chief
Paul Kelly, Racer, 120" Shovel NitroMethane
Buzzy Gates, Crew Chief
Paul Dillon, 88" Evo Sportster &
The Purple Pig 101" Nitromethane 
Lois Rick, Front End Crew Chief
Jim Bailey, Back End Crew Chief
Andrea Donovan, Team Coordinator 
Brad Schoenberg, Racer, 96" Ironhead Sportster
Nora Schoenberg, Crew Chief
Rick Grimm, Racer, 114" Sportster
Kayla & Carmen Grimm, Co-Crew Chiefs
Terry Williams, Racer
114" Sportster
Various Crew Chiefs
Mike VanHove, Racer
1200cc Buell
Dee VanHove, Crew Chief