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2013 Racing

June 22-23: Malta, MT
July 14 Estevan (maybe)
July 27-28: Jamestown, ND
August 5-7: Sturgis, SD
August 31-September 2: Malta, MT 
Jim: 2013 Sturgis Champion - Super Gas class
Terry: 2013 Sturgis #1 Qualifier and Semi-Final Winner - Pro Eliminator class
Mike: 2013 2~2nd Place Winner Jamestown

Thank you, Sponsors!
Schuler Repair, Minot ND*Corporate Sponsor
Mertes Properties LLC, Bowbells ND
Tuff Enuff Inc, Minot ND
Ray Thomas, Minot ND
Backup Batteries Co., Centennial CO
Dave Boal Trucking, Kramer ND
The Ziegler Family, Minot ND
Lodoen Cattle Co., Westhope ND
Richards Refrigeration, Minot ND
Navy Dick & Ione
SunPrairie Grain, Minot ND
Froid Bob & Janet, Culbertson MT
Hayley & Nathan Jung, Surrey ND
North Coast Sanitation, Minot ND
Tim Heuer, Noonan ND
Kevin & Marlene Borgen, Wolford ND
Rick & Linda Haman, Mohall ND
Tim Bader, Burlington ND
Bill Gagnon, Douglas ND
Rick & Cindy Gimbel, Westhope ND
Lehman Trucking, Kenmare ND
Russ & Lana Landphere, Minot ND
Kari & Shannon Cree, Minot ND
John Newcomb, Minot ND
David Newcomb, Minot ND
Red Newcomb, Minot ND
Justin Seifert, Minot ND
Tilman Jones Massage, Stanley ND
Jeff Swanson, Minot ND
Arvid Pomeroy, Minot ND
Cookies For You, Minot ND
Tom Karpenko, Minot ND
Jeanie Burke, Mohall ND
Doug & Jeanie, Mohall ND

Without faithful and dedicated support from our Sponsors from year to year, we wouldn't be able to do this. We thank each and every Sponsor throughout all these years.